Friday, June 17, 2005

Not Boring Anymore (a true story)

My life was boring until I met her in the office. Damn she is pretty enough to attract any one. I could not spend a day without seeing her. Those sleepless nights made me to learn the length and depth of the nights. My watch turned only two minutes though I felt like waiting for 2 years for her to come.

Her gorgeous appearance, her shining face, her gentle move and lot more pulled me towards her.

I decided that I can’t be without her. I have to tell this to my dad one day or the other. But how? Will he say yes? What if he denies? Millions questions pierced my brain. How to tell him? Rehearsals went over night.

Today is my birthday. It’s right time to tell my dad regarding her.

“Dad …”

Hurray! He said yes.

Ah! Hey what’s your question? I am asking you. It’s you buddy, the one reading this. What did you ask me? Nah! I didn’t get what you asked. But I am least bothered on what ever you ask.

Yes man, of course I will take her where ever I go. I’ve planned to go with her to Anniyan this weekend. And to Besant Nagar beach as well. And to my relatives’ house also.

Thanks to my dad. He agreed to add passion to my life.

Yes! I bought a Hero Honda Passion Plus today.


Gangadhar said...

First time on your blog..
Wonderful twist at the end...Hero Honda...hahaha!! Hilarious!!

parameswary namebley said...

Tought of that ...