Tuesday, May 31, 2005


SDB5 lawns appeared green. I turned up and found that trees were also green. Plants on either sides of the pavement were green. Ladies working in the lawns were also in green. What’s there to wonder? It’s nice to see Chennai filled with green.

Ajit was in green shirt and in green trousers. I wondered what a stupid combination it is… Hey what’s that? Even Nisha is in green salwar. Is today a green day? I don’t remember anyone saying about green day to me.

Well let me check if any mails in my inbox say anything about Green day. Oh no, who painted my computer green? My inbox was green. My chair was green. Floor was green. Walls are green. I was surprised.

"Hi", said Vijay to me. I turned back to face the unexpected shock. He appeared green. "Hi Vijay", said I, "what happened to you?" He was not shocked on anything. I looked at my hands, they were again green. This scared me a bit. Is this problem with my eyesight? Shouldn’t be! I was alright yesterday. I looked at myself, my shirt and trousers are also green. No man, something has happened. Who is that playing? Is it an evil spirit inside me? No, it shouldn’t.

I walked to rest room, to check my face. Cubicles on my way appeared green. Everyone colored green. Today is not Holi!!! Then why should people paint themselves green? By the way, who painted me green? Oh no! Everything in the rest room appeared green. And what about my face? I checked with the green mirror. It was green.

"Is it green?" I asked myself. "No it’s not green anymore", replied I to myself. I smiled at my face again, removing the green glasses from my eyes. The world appeared bright now.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one. Makes u realize the importance of having different colours in life and how silly a person can be at times ;)