Friday, May 11, 2007


Friday, 11 May 2007
In a train from East Croydon to London Bridge
I had no seat as usual. I stood near a door building all possible balance. I was somewhere in between East Croydon and London Bridge. I saw two females on either side of me, sitting. Let me call the one on my left as Ms Left and the one on my right as Ms Right.

Ms Left was young. She should be less than 20. A student? May be yes. May be no.
Ms Right was old. She should be over 35. Working? I don’t know.

Ms Left was slim, and she held the ownership of the word beauty.
Ms Right was also slim. But she failed to possess the second property.

Ms Left was reading a newspaper, with her legs crossed. Ufff, I will stop here.
Ms Right was with a pouch which had small beauty parlour.

Ms Left turned pages, reading. Her eyes were bright.
Ms Right took a big brush dipped against some powder and started painting her face. A big fight

Ms Left was on her mobile. Her lips were glossy.
Ms Right had a small brush and wiped her eye lashes, cosy

Ms Left switched on to a book.
Ms Right was rubbing her cheeks with her hand which was early rubbed against something pink.

“You are now approaching London Bridge, Please take your personal belonging…” I heard the recorded voice.

Ms Left walked towards the door. Wow
Ms Right stood and walked reaching me.

WHAT? Who is this? She is not the same Ms Right I saw 10 minutes back. She cannot be over 35. I turned to my left, saw Ms Left. I tried applying some filters on her face. Oh nah! Ms Left is elder than Ms Right.
Confused, I reached office.
But not now!

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