Monday, February 19, 2007

Virus Attack

Today 10:00 hrs:

Virus was ruling the area.

Almost half the area was infected.

Due information about the virus attack was informed to all.

Very few took it to the core, and they were spared.

But Selva was stubborn.

Selva is a tall guy. He appears to be lazy, but he is not.

“I am strong”, chuckled Selva.

“So I was, but I reckon”, murmured Ram and left the place prompting with the symptoms of the virus attack.

Ram loves work. But these days, he was void of work. He cracks jokes which only Selva understands.

“I’ve got a very good immune power”, grinned Selva.

“And that’s not sufficient bud”, said Ram gathering all his power left behind to his tongue.

It appeared to be matured. Ram is seriously infected.


Two weeks back:

The place was clean. Parveen knew this.

The place was secured to the extreme and no virus can reach the place. Parveen understood this.

Many work there. Parveen admire it.

This virus spreads rapidly. Parveen loves it.

Parveen, a slim, fair lady owns a brain, which learn things faster. She is intelligent. This is her forte. She talks to herself. This is her other side.

Parveen entered the place, in spite of all the securities safely. With the virus embedded in her body.

Selva and Ram works from pantry more than their desks. They spend almost half the day roaming out. Their friends usually come to their desks only after searching for them either in pantry or in the smoking zone.

It was a 10:30 and every one there, have gone for a coffee break. Selva and Ram left the place at 9:00 and are still missing.

“I should spread this damn virus”, Parveen spoke to herself.

“WHAT???”, screamed Ram hearing this.

Parveen didn’t expect Ram to be back so soon. She had a bigger shock than Ram.

Parveen hid her shock and designed a smile on her lips, and said “A joke, A flat joke”.

The smile had a million meanings. But Ram’s brain is not equipped to decrypt it. But he did – void of work.

“She should be carrying some virus and trying to spread it to us”, Ram tried to send some signals to his brain. Grey cells were half rusted by then.


Today 14:30 hrs:

Selva and Ram are back from their lunch.

Parveen turned to her left and checked if Selva was infected.

No symptoms.

He is still safe.

Parveen turned towards Ram to start their discussion.


One week back:

Ram was careful and avoided Parveen.

Parveen was more careful to spread it.

Parveen won the game. Ram lost the same.

“Half the area covered”, Parveen to Ram with a devil’s smile on her face.

Ram was helpless. He stood with his lips stuck.

“You have two options”, Parveen said.

No expressions from Ram.

“Either join this winning troop to be a winner”, Parveen wiped her spectacles and added, “Or suffer being on the losing side”.

Ram had to give a though and he did.

Ram smiled.

Parveen roared.

They joined their hands.

“Selva is our next target”, Parveen told with a scary smile.


Two days back:

“A break?”, Ram checked with Selva.

It was their eighth break for the day before lunch.

Parveen had a blank smile.

Ram spent most of his time these days with Selva, not because he has no work, but he had a mission to accomplish.

Ram started helping Selva to all his technical problems, no matter he knows the solution or not. But he has transmit the virus.


Today 16:45 hrs:

Minutes left behind to go for their deadline.

Ram and Parveen looked at each other.

Parveen had a note of failure on her face.

So was Ram. He tried to his best.

A sharp sneeze!!!

Parveen and Ram looked at Selva.

“Done! You have done it”, Parveen celebrated with Ram.

Selva was infected.

Parveen managed to convince Selva to join the troop.



Parveen, Ram and Selva planned for their next operation. They looked at Akash, their next victim.


Parveen, Ram, Selva and Akash: Names changed.

Read Virus as Coronavirus, causing common cold.

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