Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Love Story

“Surya,” said I.

“Hmmm…,” paused my wife and continued, “Why not some other name?”

“No! No!! No!!! It’s decided. Surya is the name”.

My daughter is named Surya.

I could not sleep that night. “Why is she so bothered about the name? Did I ever tell her about my girl friend Surya? No… No… I never told her. I’ve hid all her letters, photos to hide any possible evidence. Then how come she knew Surya? Or it was just a coincidence”. Million questions pierced my brain.

I was in love with Surya for over three years and so was she. But circumstances two years back, didn’t suit us or rather me. She got married to someone whom she never knew before. After that, she never turned back. Neither she called me nor did she mail me. She has forgotten me totally. But I could not be the same. I uttered her name as my prayers. I was mad on her. No sleep, no food until I got married.

My wife was very affectionate to me from the date of our marriage. But I never reciprocated the same to her any time. I was harsh to her every time she spoke to me. My mind, heart and what not filled with Surya. Even now, Surya disturbs me a lot. In fact I chose the name Surya, only to keep my old lovable memories alive when ever the name is called.

Clock struck 8 in the morning; I have to rush to get into the train at 8:15. I took my tie on my left hand and lunch on my right. Shoes with lace untied. I ran out in hurry. Signal turned green to cross the road. I ran across the road, without having a look on the lorry which sped towards me violating the signal. It’s almost near to me. I realized that I am unsafe. It’s all over!

I tried opening my eyes. My body is filled with pain. I could move neither my hands nor my legs.

“Where am I?” I uttered with a feeble voice.

My wife came towards me with eyes filled with nothing other than tears.

I tried to recall what happened. I understood the story.

I couldn’t hear properly. But I understood that I am in hospital for past three days from what my ears helped me. I saw my wife tired more than me. May be she didn’t leave this place for these three days.

Days passed by.

I started recovering slowly. My wife stood, walked, ran for me. She was always in my sight when ever I expected some help. I saw my kid with her grandmother. For a second my girl friend Surya came into my mind. I rather wonder, that should have I married Surya, I really doubt that would she be so caring as my wife now is. I smiled at myself for a second and saw my wife with love. I felt the real love now. I started loving my wife better than any one ever before. She looked great to me now.

I was discharged once I was fit to walk. We took a taxi to go home. She sat on the rear seat and I next to the driver. For the first time, I felt the absence of my wife.

Few days later, I found my letter box with some letter. I went to collect it from the letter box. I was shocked to see that the letter was from Surya. I never expected this from her now. This will certainly ruin my happiness, perhaps my wife’s too. I hid the letter from every one. I took it with enough caution to my bed room and read it. It read


I heard that you got married”

I wondered how she knew that I got married. I never told her; or rather she had no contacts with me. I continued reading

“I loved you a lot, but you didn’t”

“Damn! What’s this? Why such a foolish statement?” murmured I. I dint understand that. But I felt happy that I got the letter a bit late. Should have I got the same a month back, I would certainly went in search of Surya. I smiled at myself.

I wasn’t interested in reading the letter any further. I threw the letter on my desk. The letter flew and disclosed the other side. I was shocked to see the letter addressed to my wife. I turned dumb found. I opened the letter again to read

“I loved you a lot, but you didn’t”

I parsed down the letter fast to confirm that this is from yet another Surya, the guy who was disturbing my wife, before our marriage. My wife’s affection to me now appeared really great. I realized the meaning of love. I loved my wife even better now.

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